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Whether you have had a few rough days…missed a couple or more workouts….ate some things you’d rather not talk about….it DOES NOT mean you have to throw in the towel…..we all, myself included, have moments, days, even weeks like this… also doesn’t mean you’re a failure, bad or that you suck…or any of those other …

Hello September

Hello September!! Let’s leave whatever happened in August…in August!! It’s time to wipe the slate clean and START FRESH!! We have a whole NEW MONTH to play with…ooooh the possibilities!! Take a moment and think about what you would like to achieve this month and let’s MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Remember when you were a kid and how you could skip, run, bike, swim, etc for hours or go across on the monkey bars over and over again with sore hands, just for fun? We called it play back then…we weren’t worried about how many calories we were burning, or how silly we looked while …