Remember when you were a kid and how you could skip, run, bike, swim, etc for hours or go across on the monkey bars over and over again with sore hands, just for fun? We called it play back then…we weren’t worried about how many calories we were burning, or how silly we looked while doing it ….WE JUST DID IT! But once we became concerned about the numbers, calories, distance, time… became work. It was no longer fun, or something to look forward to or something we did for pleasure, but instead, a way to punish our bodies in order to look a certain way and to burn a certain amount of calories.

It’s time to bring back play!! To stop fixating on #’s or time and just move because it’s fun and makes us feel good!!…….Think of something that you really enjoyed doing as a kid….riding your bike, swimming….skipping….hula hooping …..when was the last time you did that activity?? Maybe it’s time to try it again…just for fun!